Recent works

This painting of a child amongst wild plants was done by me recently in acrylic on canvas.It is from a photograph of Amie taken by my daughter-in-law.Titled "My green,green world"- it suggests the happy disposition of this child in her naturally green surrounding. I am satisfied with the expression I have been able to creat on her face through her eyes and her lips.
This painting and the one below are on display in my art folder at Fill-your-walls on-line gallery.

I started this painting[on the right] in USA. It is the view through the window of my son's bedroom. Their house is surrounded by tall,matured trees standing elegantly.

It was a delight for me to capture the play of light and shade,and the mood created by the postures of the trees,their textures, values and the shades of green. Whenever I look at this painting, it gives me the feeling of freshness. I am immediately transported to the quietness of afternoon and the smell of the leaves and the earth.

The title"sound of silence"- suggests the mood displayed in this painting.
It has been done with acrylic on canvas.


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