MOE to 200 new teachers: Give us back the money!!

This 'screw-up' of the bonus wrongly given to the new teachers will cost MOE dearly. What a bad publicity, man! MOE should just let the new teachers enjoy the 'extra' bonus.

In this difficult time, a generous employer is a highly valued one!

About 200 new teachers have been told to return a large chunk of a bonus payout which had been credited to them by mistake six months ago.

The affected teachers were initially given until Oct 8 to return the overpaid amounts, which is in the region of $2,000 each, depending on the individual teacher's salary.

But the Ministry of Education (MOE) has since extended the deadline to the end of the year after requests from some of the affected teachers.

From Asiaone, "200 teachers told to pay back excess bonus".


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