The latest Ping fraud exposed: 'passportchop' & his army of clones??? 26/09/09: passportchop in No.3 of the 'Most' Popular site for the last 24 hour...

...with the supports of 10 clones. Pwned!!

Hey, don't get me wrong! I'm one of those few who are initially impressed with passportchop's blog. A shock is (almost like that when Ris Low was revealed to be a credit card fraud) that passportchop has a formidable group of clones in

This is how I came to know that.

Earlier this morning (as I have nothing to do), I just realized that within less than 5 hours, he had gathered 11 pongs for his post, "Riding into the Thick of Battle: Army Live Firing Safari" & thus, secured a 3rd place in the most popular (site) in in the last 24 hours.

Impressive feat, I remember myself commented. But the content was hardly interesting. So I wonder who the hell ponged this post of his?

Then I noticed unfamiliar nicks of pingsters (trust me, I'm one of the regulars) & moreover, I realized they a) do not have blogs registered and b) joined between a short time span between 26 Aug 2009 to 06 Sept 2009.

Here are his clones (with the sequence of ponging):
1. professorx (date of join to 29/08/09)
2. bingspine (26/08/09)
3. johnny67 (28/08/09)
4. roslina (28/08/09)
5. omigod32 (31/08/09)
6. maximlee (26/08/09)
7. thomascrown (31/08/09)
8. koreadramaqueen (31/08/09)
9. lucymei (01/09/09)
10. hydroburn (06/09/09)

Therefore I conclude with a great disappointment: Greed (of seeing one's post in the top 10 of the most popular in in the last 24 hours) has claimed yet another victim.

Sorry passportchop! Better luck next time...


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