Ku Witaya & Sia Chan Hong -- the wasted deaths of highly imaginative teens

Pity. It's such a crime that these 2 teenagers ought to leave the world before they fully realize their potential.

A humanist, Ashley Montagu once said: "The idea is to die young as late as possible."

For the 2 teens, their idea is just to die young. Period. Because the world is ending. Isn't it a gradual, inevitable & natural process anyway! That doesn't justify a suicide pact, boys!!

A 16-year-old self-professed Taoist medium, Thai-Chinese Ku Witaya, convinced his friends as well as his younger brother to enter into a suicide pact, based on his theory that the world was ending.

Of all his six friends whom Witaya had spoken to, only one - Sia Chan Hong - carried out the suicide act with him by jumping off the ninth floor of Block 667, Jalan Damai in the Bedok Reservoir area.

The other five friends backed out when they saw Chan Hong, 16, moaning at the foot of the block. He died three hours later in the hospital.

This incident occurred last year Aug 23 at around 5.20am in the morning.

In Lianhe Wanbao's report, it was revealed on Monday morning at a joint coroner's inquiry into the deaths of the two Tampines Secondary School students, that Witaya carried out Taoist rituals at home every Friday while his friends, including Chan Hong, would visit him at his house.

Witaya also believed that he could speak to deities.

One week before the joint suicide, Witaya spoke to his friends about a "Third World War" and preached about sacrificing themselves in order to "rid the world of demons".

According to the Chinese evening dailies report, the eight boys met at around 2am that fateful night and agreed on the suicide pact. One of them backed out.

After which, seven of them headed to Witaya's home and agreed to jump from the 13th floor but seeing that the entrance to the rooftop was locked, they decided to jump from his bedroom window.

The Straits Times reported that Chan Hong was "a little afraid" and Witaya had to calm him down before the two went back to the ledge. Moments later, they jumped from the window holding hands.

State Counsel Ang Feng Qian asked what the group thought of the joint suicide idea. A witness, aged 16, testified that they were "passionate" about it. He also revealed that Chang Hong had been the most passionate and Witaya was unwavering.

The witness mentioned that they had diaries belonging to the teens hidden in a riser outside Witaya's flat and that another witness, a 17-year-old boy, and Witaya's brother had penned farewell letters, wrote The Straits Times.

Shin Min Daily reported that Witaya was introduced to Taoism by his grandmother, Madam Goh Lim Choo, 62, who was formerly a medium.

He had wanted to quit school but was advised by his father to complete his O levels first.

A representative from the Taoist Federation told the media that Taoism valued life and that Taoists would not engage in such activities that would harm themselves or others.

The spokesperson also revealed that Witaya nor his "group" was registered with the federation and that they did not know about his activities.

From Asiaone, "Teen medium made suicide pact with friends".

About the "Third World War"

Deputy Public Prosecutor Ang Feng Qian: How did all of you prepare for this Third World War?

Teen: We failed a number of times previously...To prepare for the Third World War, we would meditate about 4 hours daily.

State Coroner Victor Yeo: What will happen in this war?

Teen: We will engage in a battle with the demons and everyone will witness it.

DPP Ang: Why do all of you have to die to fight demons?

Teen: So that there are more chances for the Third World War to occur. We will go to heaven and we won't have to stay on earth to wait for it to appear.

Coroner Yeo: Why do you all want the Third World War to appear?

Teen: This is to let everyone see what we have been preparing for all these years. The world has changed...there's a lot of greed.

About the "battle with demons"

DPP Ang: Did Ku Witaya tell all of you how to prepare yourselves for the fight against demons?

Teen: Be prepared all the time. Try to remember the dream and go to sleep at the given time.

DPP Ang: How much do you know about the fight and demons?

Teen: .... (gives a blank look)

Coroner Yeo: So you're supposed to fight with the demons in your dreams?

Teen: Yes.

About the suicide pact

DPP Ang: What do you think about the suicide pact?

Teen: (Giggles) Sounds fun (giggles again).

Coroner Yeo: Can you elaborate?

Teen: (silence)

Coroner Yeo: You were OK to it?

Teen: Yes.

Coroner Yeo: You were not afraid?

Teen: (shakes his head)

Coroner Yeo: Why weren't you afraid?

Teen: When you believe in something, you will do it.

From Asiaone, "What the teens said in court".


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