Zuji comes up with quirky ideas to 'help holidays happen'

Shermaine Wong from TODAY has written a very interesting article, "An excuse for taking a break" about how Zuji launched a two-month-long campaign titled "No More Excuses" (check this site, www.nomoreexcuses.com.sg) on July 14 to encourage Singaporeans to travel more, and to fulfil the company's commitment to "helping holidays happen".

It is said that Zuji will give four companies a $5,000 Zuji cash voucher for a trip if employees can persuade their bosses to give them a Friday off.

It's a win-win situation, I'd say. The employers ought to look at it seriously. They can reduce cost (no point employees come to work if there are not much URGENT things to do, right? There is such thing as a wise procrastination.) and improve the employees' morale.

PS. Go and assist the online petition for an extra poblic holiday at sardaukar.mycodebox.com/fpub/petition.aspx


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