"Colin" - a zombie movie hits that cost only $70!!

I finally manage to find out more about the zombie movie, "Colin": its trailer in YouTube and its official website, www.colinmovie.com. What interests me most is that the movie only cost $70 & how it was done within 18 months as the creator Mar Price toiling at night at a taxi company.

"Colin," made by budding British director, Marc Price, will now get its own DVD as well as hitting the big screen in time for Halloween alongside Hollywood blockbusters like "Zombieland."

"It's kind of scary in a cool way," says Price of his success on a shoestring.

Price wrote, directed, shot and edited "Colin" over 18 months while working nights at a taxi company.

The 30-year-old first-time director says he managed to make the film for so little by advertising for volunteer zombies on social networking site, Facebook.

He also borrowed make-up and taught himself special effects by endlessly re-watching making-of featurettes and director's commentaries from his personal DVD collection.

Price says he spent the $70 on "a crowbar and a couple of tapes, and some tea and coffee -- just to keep the zombies happy."

Partially quoted from CNN, "$70 zombie movie hits the big screen".


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