SMRT should fine those who treat their station as a suicide platform, really!!

Seriously. A heated argument between a man & his mother & then the 26-year-old nuisance fellow leapt onto the MRT tracks of Ang Mo Kio MRT station. And it's reported that a spokesperson from SMRT said that fares will be refunded for those whose journey was affected by this incident.

Well done, SMRT. It's a commendable move to your passengers, indeed. But how about demanding a fine or compensation from the asshole who caused you lose the money?

At the end of the day, SMRT is still a commercial company which strives towards a better profit. Let the suicidal passengers not affect the company's bottom line as these inconsiderate individuals misuse the SMRT facility to (attempt to) kill themselves.

Implement a fine system (hey, you can do that against those who consume their food & beverages!) & by all means, do that as well against the family whose the departed leave behind.

Train services were disrupted on Thursday morning when a man jumped off the station platform of Ang Mo Kio MRT station after an argument with his mother.

Shin Min Daily News reported that this incident occurred at 10am on the platform heading towards Jurong East.

According to the Chinese evening daily, the pair had exchanged a few heated words before the 26-year-old man stopped and remained silent, while his mother continued to reprimand him. He leapt onto the tracks shortly after.

The mother then cried for help, alarming the passengers on the platform.

"I had just gotten off the train at the opposite platform when I heard a woman shouting: 'My son is committing suicide, help!'", said Ms Cai, a 45-year-old store owner.

Station staff alerted the driver of a train that was approaching the station and managed to stop it on time.

The man eventually climbed up onto the platform after being coaxed by the staff. He was then sent to a hospital by an ambulance that had arrived at the scene. Shin Min Daily News reported that the man's arm was injured as a result of the incident.

According to the reporter who was at the scene, the man, who is bespectacled and wearing a striped t-shirt, was taken away by the police and investigations are underway.

A spokesperson from SMRT said that fares will be refunded for those whose journey was affected by this incident. Passengers can do so by approaching any SMRT station within the next three working days.

From Asiaone, "MRT service disrupted at Ang Mo Kio station".

281 notifications were given out to passengers who ate or drank in MRT stations and trains in the first half of this year.

The number of notifications had doubled from 301 in 2006 to 646 in 2008.

In a written reply to a question in Parliament, Transport Minister Raymond Lim said train operators stepped up enforcement recently after a surge in public complaints against eating and drinking in trains.

Mr Lim said there are extenuating circumstances where the elderly, for example, could be allowed to eat sweets to overcome motion sickness or manage diabetes.

However, these are exceptional situations rather than the norm and should be dealt on a case-by-case basis.

He added that if passengers really needed to eat or drink for medical or other special reasons, they should approach the MRT station staff who are trained to exercise flexibility and judgement.

Under the law, passengers who consume or attempt to consume any food, drinks, or chewing bubble gum in the MRT stations and trains can be fined up to S$500. Offences may be compounded by the LTA to smaller amounts such as S$30.

From Channel NewsAsia, "281 notifications given out to those who ate/drank on trains".


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