(Six Lives, One Language): Baby, Check Out My Wedding Package

What 'Wedding Package'? It's a tough time, baby! (Yeah, some may think that way whereas others would prefer having a special celebration for that special event). Anyway, check out this neat site, (I came to know it after reading how DPM Teo Chee Hean advised Singaporeans to speak standard English to maintain competitive edge).

Anyway, I'm still trying to figure out what this is actually all about. The Episode 1, "Baby, Check Out My Wedding Package" at present has 4 (blog?) posts: "Baby, Check Out My Wedding Package", "Feeling Quite Queasy About It All", "I Took Ten Seconds to Fall", and "No Promotion, No Money for Car".

Singapore has made a head start in business and trade in today's globalised world because it has chosen English as its working language, said Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean.

Launching this year's Speak Good English Movement on Friday, Mr Teo said Singaporeans must continue to speak good English in order to maintain its competitive edge.

The upcoming Youth Olympic Games and other international events will bring many overseas visitors to the city-state. With English being one of the world's most spoken languages, Singaporeans will need to express themselves clearly using standard English.

Mr Teo, who is also defence minister, said: "Singlish is very quaint, but it is not going to help us be understood outside of Singapore. So I think it is important to focus, to be understood internationally.

"It has been a big advantage for us. In fact, when I travel around the region, many countries ask us how we maintain our English in Singapore. They are quite envious of our language proficiency."

Looking to maintain this advantage is the year-long Speak Good English Movement. Now into its 10th year, the movement wants to encourage Singaporeans to speak simple English, rather than use difficult words or construct long sentences.

This can be done with a solid foundation of grammar and vocabulary. With younger Singaporeans spending more time online, the movement is using platforms familiar to them, such as blogs, Twitter and Facebook, to reach out to this group.

It has launched a website, – about a couple planning for their wedding – to stress the importance of using good English to communicate well. The story has 12 episodes in all and a new episode will be put up every Friday.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Speak standard English to maintain competitive edge, says DPM Teo".


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