Sex sells: EVONY - Best Free Web Game

When you come across the advertisement on the so-called "Best Free Web Game" namely "Evony", it's understandable that you'll click the ad (the adage that "sex sells" is very much applicable & at works here). Check out the above screenshot of the site, "Evony" that you'll be directed to when you lustfully click the ad.

I am proud to say that I didn't succumb further as to register as a member. Heh. has this to say about EVONY. It's really irony:
"You've probably seen the ads for "Evony." They're hard to miss, with the huge elf boobs, allusions to domination, and overuse of the word 'discreet.' But once you sign up for "Evony" there's not a single elf boob, huge nor delightfully understated, to be found. In other words, do not get suckered in by "Evony" if you're on some lonely Internet quest for medieval themed digi-chicks."


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