Rasa Sayange (by SHE, Teresa Teng, some funky Cantonese group) -- No, the songs not in Malay or in Bahasa Indonesia!

Admit it. We're fed up with all the bickering between Indonesia and Malaysia about the Pendet dance controversy & also (although not much ruckus) the song, Rasa Sayange.

Here are the 3 clips of the song, "Rasa Sayange" which I searched in the Net that were performed by Taiwanese group S.H.E., the legendary Teresa Teng, and some performers who sung it in Cantonese.

It's about Rasa Sayange, people. It's about Feeling of Love--which both Indonesia and Malaysia are lacking. Ironic, the song of love has incited a feeling of hatred...

Check out the YouTube clips:
1. S.H.E - Rasa Sayang 2004 Concert
2. 拉 萨 萨 哟 (印尼民歌) Rasa Sayange (An Indonesian folk song), Feeling Of Love
3. Rasa Sayange (Chinese)


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