Pie Kia (I swear I'm not vested in Old Chang Kee shares!!)

They call me Pie Kia, because I like to bake pies.
This has been my passion, ever since I was five.
I prefer my apron to shirt and tie,
but that doesn't mean I like to cry.

When you are hungry, just eat my pie,
I promise it will make you feel very high.
And you'll know why they call me Pie Kia,
because my baking is number 1 sia!

I was stirring my cup of instant coffee in the office as I suddenly noticed a box of Pie Kia! (No, I didn't check the content. Didn't want the owner of the box suddenly appeared behind me. Heh.)

I read the wordings on the box (Quoted above). Nice. They do rhyme! And the choice of colors: sufficiently contrasting! From the packaging itself, I sure will give this pie a try. The one which I shall buy myself, that is.

Check out their website, "The Pie Kia Shop" or piekia.sg here.


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