openers japan: cocktail culture

i was 2 months late in finishing this article, mainly because i was too lazy to translate the interviews from english to japanese [yu yamada of my tokyo office was kind enough to do that part for me!] – so here it is, episode 8 of my openers column – the cocktail!

the gist of this 2 part article is the history of the cocktail [which is very much a new york story] and concludes with interviews with 2 giants in NYC mixology: sam lipp of eleven madison park and gregory seider of minetta tavern which happen to be my 2 favorite places to drink classic and try new cocktails. seriously, if you're going to spend more than $10 bucks on a beverage, it better be absolutely perfect!

so thanks to sam and leo of 11 madison and seider of minetta tavern [the seider interview is part 2 next month]. also, if you really want an impressive and perfect meal with that drink, check out both restaurants. 11 madison's website is here. minetta tavern here. tell them matthew waldman of nooka sent you!

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