of Woman to woman: Protests of anti-gay lecturer say much about political correctness

Billings Gazette, "Woman to woman: Protests of anti-gay lecturer say much about political correctness" features two prominent women, Shaunti Feldhahn & Andrea Sarvady (more of their impressive achievement can be found in this Universal Press Syndicate Creator Bio page).

Read what they have to say about the episode of Dr. Thio Li-Ann being protested by NYU students which led to her eventual decision not to (ever? Heh) become a Visiting Global Professor for NYU. (Dr Thio Li-Ann's full letter to NYU law school dean can be found here.)

I like this particular part written by Shaunti Feldhahn:
This fall, NYU students will find their classes more comfortable but will learn far less than they would have if they were willing to be challenged. Our universities have lost a lot with the abandonment of the principle "I may hate what you say, but I will ensure you have the right to say it." Ironically, the loss of that principle will do far more to put human rights at risk than any uncomfortable opinion ever will.

Likewise I concur with Andrea Sarvady when she said this:

"Diversity is not license for perversity," Thio cautioned Parliament in her speech. On that fact, she and I are in full accord. Diversity of thought should be a welcome addition to the college lectern. Yet it would be perverse to have an advocate of homosexual imprisonment lecture NYU students on the importance of human rights.

So whose view do you agree most?


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