Move on, Coroner's Court! David Widjaja's case to go to the International Court?

Not long after the Singapore's state coroner delivered on 29/07 that the verdict that David Hartanto Widjaja's death is suicide, it now makes to the news that David's case will go to the Internatinoal Court.

Yes, truly unbelievable! And yet, admirable at the same about how determined David's family to seek the Truth. The truth that they could accept that David was murdered.

The coroner court of Singapore passed a painful verdict which stated that the investigation into a dead Indonesian student in Singapore David Hartanto Widjaja, a student of Nanyang Technological University, was suspended. David was deemed as killing himself.

David's family did not give in upon the verdict. In addition to proposing an appeal toward the higher court, the family will bring the case before the international court.

Responding to the plan, Chairman of the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation, Patra M Zen, said on Tuesday, August 4, that an appeal to the International Court is possible if "the court mechanism in Singapore does not apply."

While Davids' case is not under the domain of the International Court, there will still be a chance.

If such courts in Singapore as high court and supreme court have provided justice, said Patra, an appeal to the International Court is not required.

Meanwhile, Deputy Head of the National Commission of Human Rights, Ridha Saleh, said the intention to file an appeal to the International Court should be weighed. "The International Court deals with crimes against humanity, war crimes, and military repression instead of individual criminal case such as David's," he said.

Earlier, Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs Hasan Wirajuda said David's case cannot be submitted to the International Court.

Hasan suspected that David's family aims at the International Criminal Court. However, the ICC also handles extraordinary crimes against humanity such as genocide. "It includes collective crimes. Indonesia and Singapore have yet to sign any deal with the ICC," said Hasan.

David Hartanto Widjaja was found dead on March 2, 2009. Several minutes earlier, the 21-year student was seen run against the office of his lecturer. David's family believed that David was murdered instead of killing himself.

From Viva News, "David Widjaja's Case: Aiming at the International Court".

Indonesian forensic pathologists declared Monday the death of David Hartono Widjaya, an Indonesian university student in Singapore, was not from suicide, as ruled last week by a court in the city-state.

The University of Indonesia’s Djaja Surya Atmadja and Evi Untoro announced their conclusion Monday after analyzing the autopsy report from Singaporean authorities.

Djaja said they found incision wounds on David’s arms and hands.

“In this case, incision wounds on his upper limbs are consistent with defensive wounds,” he said at a press conference.

“This means David was attacked with a sharp weapon and tried to protect himself, thus leading to the multiple wounds.

“These finding are certainly not indicative of suicide.”

The analysis of the official autopsy was made on the request of David’s family, who remain adamant their son was murdered.

On July 29, the Singaporean coroner’s court ruled the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) student had committed suicide by jumping from a campus building, after stabbing his professor with a
kitchen knife.

The court also heard that David, 21, had searched the Internet for ways to commit suicide and murder, prior to his much-debated death.

David was killed in a four-story fall at the NTU campus on March 6, 2009.

The case has drawn attention from various circles, including from Indonesian vice-president-elect Boediono, who called on the court to settle the case fairly.

Djaja added the autopsy showed David had injures to the torso, head and neck, and to internal organs.

“The laceration of left kidney was likely due to severe direct blunt force trauma to the torso, rather than by falling from a height,” he said.

David’s father, Hartono, denied reports his son had been under family or financial pressure.
“It’s all a big lie,” he said.

“We’re a harmonious family.”

Hartono also claimed to have been denied access to see his son after arriving in Singapore.

“I wanted to bathe my son’s body, but NTU wouldn’t allow it,” he said.

The family says it will take the case to an international court and present new evidence; it will return to Singapore this week to collect David’s cell phone and laptop PC.

Sr. Sgt. Joe Ng Suan Teck, who conducted the examination of the laptop, said the browser history showed David had Google for “a good way to commit suicide” and the 10 most common suicide methods.

Teck told the court that Internet searches and links to websites on suicide and murder had turned up.
But psychiatrist Dharmawan Purnama rejected the idea David had killed himself, saying he had displayed no signs of depression.

“There must be a more objective review to the Singapore ruling, since we’ve find no link between the David’s mental state and the motive for suicide, based on testimony from David’s friends and family,” he said.

From Jakarta Post, "No way David killed himself, claim RI pathologists".


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