Melissa Faith Yeo -- the fearless model who goes for boob job...and proud of it!!

For those who want to learn more, her blog is easily found, "Melissa Faith Yeo" ( But somehow I couldn't find the particular post on her "ordeal" to get her breast enhancement. Some of the photos (scary or sexy? You decide) can be found here.

I mean, it's up to everyone's decision, and who am I to criticize? Still I am just curious to compare the news with her exact post in her blog? Are there any misquotes? Are there any incomplete, out of context quotes? And so on and so forth...

For 23-year-old Singaporean model Melissa Faith Yeo, getting her breasts enhanced - and posting the details and photos on her blog - is no big deal.

Prior to her 11-day trip to Bangkok, she posted this on her blog: "I'm going for a boob job."

She continued, "Yep, I said it and I'm not afraid to publicize it. After all, people are not stupid lor! We can all tell la ok?"

"I'm not only admitting I'm doing a before-and-after but also, I will document it," she adds.

Her subsequent blog entries chronicle her entire hospital experience.

Despite having decided on a C-cup saline implant, the doctor convinced her to get a silicone implant after she poked, prodded, twisted and punched the sample and found it unbreakable during her experiment. He also told her to get 220-ml B cups instead, as her body is too small. She now proudly posts her new stats, 32B-24-34, on her blog.

The model lived up to her promise of documenting the experience, littering her posts with information like:

* "When they scooped me up to place me on my bed, the nurse turned my body to the right so that they could properly put me down (I think) and that was when I felt a SHARP pain in my chest."
* She proudly announced: "My boobs were FINALLY modified!!"
* "I always ended up grabbing my chest when I sat up because my boobs and armpits would have very sharp pains shooting through."

Personal photos including the model at the hospital and post-op images are all prominently posted on her blog. She warns: "*Warning: Dangerous curves ahead. OK, not so much that but please don't freak out when you see the photo with my bruises. It's nothing gory at all but pretty graphic still."

Her surgery cost 87,672 baht, or $3,726.

From Asiaone, "Singapore model goes to Thailand for boob job, documents process online ".


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