Botak Jones to become a Singaporean & he gives out a party!!

Yay, Botak Jones owner Mr. Bernie Utchenik will become a Singapore citizen on 28 Aug Citizenship Ceremony...and there's a celebration at the Botak Jones outlet at Toa Payoh on 27 Aug. It's "all you can eat barbeque" party from 6 pm to 10 pm. Customers are requested to wear red. There will be 10% discount for the beer whereas it's FOC for the soft drinks. Heh.

His official site would hopefully feature him posing with Singapore flag. Move on, US flag...

Well, after slogging out the bad times and enjoying some of the good times for over 15 years, my time has finally come. Yes that’s right, on August 28th at 3:15, or there abouts. I will become a full fledged oath taken Singapore Citizen and Botak Jones will be a Singaporean company to its very core. It’s a huge step for me, maybe not such a big deal for you.

To try and make it a big deal for you though, and because I am in such a Nationalistic mood, we’re going to have a an ALL-U-CAN eat Bar-B-Que at out Toa Payoh Outlet on the 27th of August from 6:00pm until 10:00pm with a Singapore theme, even though we will be grilling up Authentic American food.

So wear something RED and join us for a lot of eating, drinking and networking. Yeah, networking! We had one of these two months ago and so many people made great new contacts it was amazing and they didn’t need a computer, mobile or PDA to do it! It’s amazing the kind of people we attract.

This time all of our beers will be at 10% off the whole night for those partaking in the Barby. Soft drinks will be on the house!

From Bojak Jones official website. =)

He is the tall 'botak' (bald) ang moh famously known as Botak Jones. Come this Friday, he will proudly become a Singaporean.

Detroit-born Botak - Mr Bernie Utchenik - is so at home here that he eats at hawker centres and orders his 'kopi siu dai' (coffee shop lingo for coffee with less sugar).

Mr Utchenik, 57, first came to Asia in 1991 as an oil industry engineer. In 1996, he settled down in Singapore and, in 2003, started American food joint Botak Jones. It now has 11 outlets islandwide.

He has been a permanent resident here for seven years, and his wife is Singapore-born.

He will go to the ICA Building in Kallang Road to get his pink identity card this Friday.

'I've told my friends this is one of the few times they'll see me in a suit, so they should come support me,' he quipped.

'My wife is a Singaporean, my business is here, so rather than feel like an outsider who just happens to live here, I should lend my support and allegiance to the country,' he said.

Asked what of him is most Singaporean, he said: ''Aiyoh' and 'aiyah' come very naturally to me.'

From Straits Times, "Botak Jones to be S'porean".



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