"K.Sayuri aka Diana Koh" (Blogshop villainess) vs. "K.Sayuri aka Diana Koh Scams" (Anonymous Blog Vigilante)

I read with much interest about the latest crime case which involves a blogshop villainess namely Diana Koh & her now defunct site, k-sayuri.blogspot.com. It pleases me to read how the newspaper choose to include the name of her blog. It displeases me to read how Diana Koh (K.Sayuri) cheated 37 victims & yet only given a 3-month jail.

I guess I'm not the only one who is upset, I came across this blog titled, "K.Sayuri aka Diana Koh Scam" or k-sayuri-diana-koh-scam.blogspot.com and man, am I impressed with the extent of the content.

In the website latest article, "Blogshop woman (Diana Koh) jailed for 3 months", the anonymous owner of the site (whose email address is diana.koh.scam@gmail.com) listed down the blogshops allegedly belong to the scammer:

Her list of blogshops (some have been closed down and new ones added):

http://www.fibrena.com/ (newest! beware!)

I do hope the nameless vigilant had done his/her due diligence to ensure the above sites do belong to Diana Koh (K.Sayuri). Otherwise, well...it's going to be a bad publicity. Sending traffic to their sites, notwithstanding. Heh.

A young woman hawked branded accessories and handbags at bargain prices on her blogshop.

But Diana Koh, 21, never delivered the bags, even though she pocketed over $1,000 in total from close to 40 women who responded to her online offers of bags, jewellery casings and make-up pouches.

Yesterday, Koh was jailed for three months for cheating 37 victims in March.

A district court heard how one of her victims had ordered bags from her via the website, k-sayuri.blogspot.com

The site has since been shut down.

In early March, the victim had been drawn to the website while surfing the Internet and ordered five bags. Koh promised to mail them to her home.

The woman went on to transfer $87 to Koh's bank account but the bags never came. Her subsequent attempts to contact Koh were unsuccessful.

When contacted, another victim, a 24-year-old who bought a handbag from Koh for $19, said other sellers had priced it at almost $50. She said Koh claimed she was selling it at a discount as she had to migrate to Australia soon.

Asked if she had smelled a rat, the woman said: 'Yes, I did suspect at first. But human beings are greedy and since it's not a huge sum, I decided to try my luck.'

Koh is not the only one who has been jailed for an online scam involving the purchase of branded goods. In March this year, the police arrested a woman who went off the radar after collecting over $30,000 online from buyers to make bulk purchases of branded Coach and Kate Spade handbags. She was later jailed.

From Straits Times, "Blogshop woman jailed".


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