chris brown rocking a nooka

chris brown rocking a nooka watch on the set of t pains video featuring him as a guest. and it's a 5th door collab nooka to boot! the youngsters in the office tell me he's mega-famous. i love his perfect teeth [teeth are one of my many odd fixations, maybe not too odd now that i think about it]. thankyou kwasi for sending carrie the foto!

the watch he is wearing, the afro punk collab, can be purchased here.

More photos (yeah, don't we all get bored!) of 2008 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix

Photos of 2008 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix taken during the practice session on Fri, 26/09.

1. The stuff given to enter the Club Suite.

2. The audience or lack of them. Perhaps it's due to the practice session on that night & not the actual qualifying/final race itself.

3. Ditto...

4. ...and ditto.

5. Needless to say, the F1 car is too fast for me & my camera.

6. See what I mean?

7. Quite proud of this photo, though. Heh.

8. Oh, and this one too. Just when the car left the Pit Stop.

9. Uhm, ditto.

10. I almost gave up taking the blurrish photos of the speed racers & their F1 cars. I decided to walk around & soaked in the (humid) atmosphere of the festival. A lot of merchandise shops.

11. This one is not one of them. A neat exit point with a troop of smiling greeters.

12. Ah, this one is another of those official merchandise outlets with a wonderfully jacked-up price of the goodies.

13. Ditto...

14. ...and ditto...

15. ...and ditto!

16. A signboard showing general layout of the area.

17. Another signboard (I was that bored with the practice session, I guess.)

18. SingTel outlet. I love the signboard.

19. Another one from SingTel. Lousy photo.

20. Not sure whether these items were just for a show or to be sold. SingTel Grid Girls were not around for clarification.

21. Another blurrish photo of the speeding F1 car.

22. And another one.

23. And yet another one. Imagine my frustration for not being able to get a decent photo out of thousand persistent attempts.

24. Oh, wait...another (failed) one.

25. By then, many frustrated photographers, throwing aside their cameras in apparent disappointment, had left the stadium in disgust. Nah, just kidding...

26. Tired of taking blurrish photos of the cars, I snapped a photo on Jarno Trulli pit stop.

27. And another one. Both without knowing what actually the crews were doing during the Pit Stop. I guess less pressure on the team & didn't see any fuel hose stuck in the car as it left the Pit Stop (unlike the tragedy that happened to Ferari racer, Felipe Massa on Sun, 28/09). Damn! That will make a nice photo. Heh.

10 things you need to know about JBJ (J.B. Jeyaretnam)

1. Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam (JBJ) was the first opposition party candidate in 15 years to be elected a Member of Parliament (MP) in Singapore in 1981.

2. He defeated the People's Action Party's (PAP) Pang Kim Hin and the United People's Front's Harbans Singh in the Anson By-Election in 1981.

3. If Wikipedia were to be believed, various legal battles had cost him $1,095,000.00!

4. JBJ was declared bankrupt in 2001 after he failed to pay some $600,000 in lost defamation suits. (As a bankrupt, he was disbarred as a lawyer & from taking part in the General Election held that year.)

5. On 25 October 2004, Jeyaretnam appealed for an early discharge from bankruptcy. The official assignee, however, opposed the appeal, claiming that Jeyaretnam had lied about his assets.

6. He was finally discharged from bankruptcy in May 2007.

7. On 17 June 2008, his Reform Party registration is approved. The whole application process took 2 months.

8. There's a site, "JB Jeyaretnam's Blog". But it can't be verified whether the blog does or did ever belong to him.

9. JBJ was 82 years old when he passed away on 30 Sept 2008 due to heart failure.

10. A video tribute to JBJ is published by The Online Citizen.

- Wikipedia article on JBJ.
- on Reform Party.

And the proud owner of Lamborghini car plate WPN33 is...

...(for sure) Not me. Yeah. Pity. If I ever want to have a car (and have plenty cash to spare without feeling guilty), Lamborghini may be the first choice.

The above photos taken at Goodwood Park Hotel on 26/09 while waiting for the bus to go to the F1 night practice session. (Yeah, yeah...more photos of the over-hyped event coming soon)

Oh well, either materialism bug has bitten me deep or F1 fever is indeed contagious or I do need to think to upgrade my choice of transport. Heh. Dream on.

Braised Duck Noodles : Lost & Found

Monday morning is always a tricky day to think about what to have for breakfast at Tiong Bahru.

Many food stalls at the Tiong Bahru Market are closed on Mondays and my favourite coffee stall (No. 238) is closed as well.

I recalled Benjamin Tan calling me up last Saturday evening to tell me quite excitedly that he found his favourite duck noodles stall within the Tiong Bahru Estate!

He had been eating that duck noodles since his childhood days and ever since that stall moved out from the Silat area, he had been craving for that familiar taste!

So it was no wonder that he was extremely elated when he found it at Block 57 Eng Hoon St.

This stall (Sum Long Teochew Braised Duck) is located within the same coffeeshop that sells Tiong Bahru Famous 3 day old Curry Rice.

I decided to check it out this morning.

My wife went for the Bee Hoon soup while I went for Ben’s recommendation, Mee Pok Dry.

Frankly, I’ve never eaten duck noodles with the Mee Pok combination but since Ben mentioned it, I gave it a try. (I always thought duck noodles is only available in the noodles and kway teow combination)

The taste was awesome and the soup was good. (Since I’m not a food critic, I have very limited vocabulary to describe that sensation to you. So you gotta try it to know).

I really don’t mind going back to have another bowl tomorrow morning!

Benjamin Tan of Block 78 Guan Chuan, thank you so much for sharing!

I just hope that locating a place to sit down would not be a challenge in future....but then again, I live in the Tiong Bahru Estate, I can always “TA PAO” (doggy bag) it back home to savour it.

Am very very very hungry now!

On a totally unrelated topic, I noticed some orange paint had been peeled off at the base of the columns while I was waiting for my noodles.

The exposed part shows the original GREY finish.

If you are going there to check out the duck noodles, do take some time to check this out while you are waiting for your meal.

You can kill 2 ducks with 1 stone this way.

leafty & the kitten

always trust leafty to roll out the welcoming mat for new kittens. he is, however, in danger of being the mat with this one!

nooka sightings: go! team at lollapalooza 2008

first, a huge hug out to todd owyoung, the i shoot shows photographer for always being so proactive sending me fotos of artists wearing nooka when he spots them. gice his site lots of hits, send him money and gifts, hire him to be your official photographer.

anyway, last week he sent great shots of lil wayne which i will post/add to the lil wayme postings, AND pics of GO!Team, a brighton uk [i like to refer to it as "hove"– makes it sound further away for me as we have a brighton here in nyc] based base that defies classification. i really like their music and their website which looks like i designed it my senior year in high school [their music sounds like what i listened to in high school as well, with a new twist of course]. that is not a dig, i was a good designer even back then.

check out todd's other lolla day 1 photos here.

Catch F1, no...F8 Night Race at Chinese Garden!!

The photo of the pagoda nearest to the entrance to Chinese Garden.

With the closing date of today--which coincides to the end of the 2008 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix (photos of the F1 night practice session here)--if you are one of those who prefer a more quiet 'race', you may want to race to Chinese Garden to catch the lantern festival. This year's theme is (and why am I not surprised!) "F8 Hello Kitty Go Races!"

F8 stands for "Fantasy 8" & apparently the figure refers to the supposedly endearing characters: Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel, My Melody, Bad Badtz-Maru, Pom Pom Purin, Minna No Tabo, Keroppi and Cinnamoroll.

This Morning

6:24am :
Awaken by the sound of thunder and sprang out from my bed to close all my windows.
It was raining so heavily and the sound of thunder was at times annoying and at times 'humbling" (I've got this irrational fear of the sound of thunder ONLY when I'm half awake)

7:33am :
Finally dragged myself out from my bed to ready myself so that my part time home cleaner who is coming at 8am will not get to see me in my 'pyjamas'.

7:41am :
One of my tenant in Tiong Bahru SMS me to tell me his home is flooded as water is seeping out through his windows. Not sure what was the problem but gotta get the window contractor to check if the window seal is broken or something else.

Open my door to get my daily news fix and found this!

(My neighbour's newspaper)

My unread papers (Soaking Wet)

Blogging about my rather eventful morning.

So how was your morning today?

Monkey Business

Click on the picture to enlarge it

I found this flyer stucked on my windscreen along Eng Hoon Street and I thought this activity is cute enough to be published here.

Check this out if you are free this Saturday.

mark landwehr of coarse toys

mark stopped by the studio yesterday, his first trip to NYC. i was sad to hear he wasn't enjoying the city, but i do know how difficult NYC can be on the first visit [overpriced crap hotels, restaurants can be quite bad if you don't know where to go...]. hong kong, where he lives, is definitely more manageable and has newer infrastructure. i made him promise to give me more notice his next trip so i can show him around proper.

Reviving the Tiong Bahru Bird Corner

This sight may be revived very soon!

I was delighted to hear from Ms Julia Lim of the Link Hotel about how they are serious about resurrecting this Tiong Bahru Heritage.

As coffee and tea are a must for this corner, they are now bogged down with the usual red tapes in getting F&B licences.

Link Hotel is also working hard to source for the right tables & chairs so that the right ambience is agreeable to both the Birds and the People.

Once these things are put in place, Link Hotel will be organizing a Bird Singing Competition and that would probably happen later part of this year.

To get acquainted with the Birds’ enthusiast culture, Ms Lim had been burning her weekends to visit various Bird Singing Competitions to find out what it entails to organize such competitions.

She mentioned that Link Hotel will be very receptive to Expert’s opinions as the judging criteria can be quite mind boggling to people who are not familiar with such competitions.

I could sense that they really serious about reviving this corner this time around.

In Ms Lim’s own words:

I hope the first bird-singing competition organized by the hotel will be a great success in bringing back the bird lovers and in resurrecting the ‘kampong’/ ‘kopitiam’ spirit of the area.

I look forward to Link Hotel’s success with the Bird Corner as their success is also a Tiong Bahru’s success.

fingers crossed

we have had 3 enquiries but no follow ups on the kitten. in the mean time, he is attaching himself to whoever will have him. don't get too comfortable there, boy!

our fren just told us that gremlin has been reclaimed by his family. but what kind of family loses a kitten?!

miho hatori and phill van visit nooka

to say i'm a big fan of miho hatori is an understatement. i have followed her career since the first cibo matto release, went to live shows, purchased remix projects and love her as a cartoon in the gorillaz – so it was with great pleasure to entertain miho in my studio yesterday. film director, phill van was kind enough to bring her by after she was intrigued when he showed her my web sites [phil is also someone to watch out for – he's gonna be big. i met phill at the last ghostly records party, so thanks missy and sam!]. we chatted about living between 2 cultures, music, the death of futurism, language as well as her upcoming projects. i got a preview of her new solo album, and it sounds AMAZING.

i was a bit shocked to hear that she never saw the urban vinyl versions of her gorillaz character before coming to my office! they've been out a while...i will get kidrobot on the case today.

miho's site is here.

phill and miho both look great in their grey leather nookas don't you think?

Sign No.25 on why you're not (yet) a complete anti-social.

You feel very bad having to say No to your friend & you feel the irresistible urge to explain despite the dawning suspicion as you type that email that the more you explain, the more likely your friend will find difficulty to understand the reason you having to say No to him.

shin tanaka vinyl toy debuts

mutual admiration society member shin tanaka was very kind to send me a BEAUTIFULLY signed vinyl figure produced by play imagination from singapore. in terms of design process, it's very interesting to see this come full circle. re-cap: shin tanaka makes PAPER figures inspired by the popular urban vinyl phenomenon. this concept bring the joy of color and form to the masses without having to spend much money or even to leave your house – just print, cut, glue and there it is! the nature of cut/paste/bend/ with shin's great design sense produced a unique vocabulary of form evocative of the urban vinyl genre. now there is an actual vinyl version of the paper figure that has made him famous!

also, look how nice he signed the piece in the back. thanks mr. tanaka!

Angono Double Hi-way: How Arturo Sanchez and Michael De Guzman Went Home Via Floodway

BY JAY BAUTISTA | Of late, most of today’s young contemporary artists have focused themselves inward in terms of their creative outputs. As an observer this startles me and somehow question as to how much grasp do today’s artists have on the context they are into. Personal is sociological, politics is biographical. Indeed an “empire of memory” a novel of Eric Gamalinda once aptly titled it.

With recurring memory as the anchoring theme the recent two-man show “Attachment and Loss” held recently at the White Box in Cubao of Angono-based artists, Arturo Sanchez and Michael de Guzman however attempts to delve deeper into the pits of their sordid lives. The struggle not to forget yet overcome ones’ fears, ghost-like frustrations, and learned experiences, the true test of a great work of art is when one sees light from the grip of darkness to move on.

Revolving around fond remembrances, old loves and the excruciating pain of loss that persist on them until today, both artists used combined images of old personal photographs and used as reference images were borrowed from old and existing photographs then manipulated, crop-out or blurred as to represent a new set of meanings. So as not to ostracize their viewers they have devised certain materials like the “mirror” in an attempt to involve the viewers that their story is yours as well.

Arturo Sanchez is the perfect son any parent would have. To please his mother, he had to set aside his love for painting to take up the more formal course college. Now that he has a degree in Architecture, Arturo can now revisit his old love and maybe pick up where he left off.

Described as “gesticulation of figures,” Arturo Sanchez’s imagery is forceful to the point of being elongated and distorted. His imagery is his strength. In the series “The Absence of Beauty” shows you eight collage pieces with individual mirrors reflecting new representations from various alterations of the same photos usually deforming/obscuring what could be recognized images. The new signification and reflection of viewer both can be viewed when hanged. What enticed the onlookers more was the presence of a canvas painted as a mirror on the wall which captures everything and anything.

Artist-friend Erick Sausa, who wrote the artists’ statement, pointed out “along the course of his self-discovery of painting style through participation in various shows and scrutinizing art magazines sharpened Arturo’s technical perception of dealing with the aesthetics. And as his new works will be best described as paradigm to memories and amnesia” which can be only depicted on the large-scale canvas using oil paint and mixed media.

Meanwhile Michael de Guzman is said to be “pursuing his works to the limit of surreal-like and abstract images of woods and also digressional in photorealism that seems to be part of double tracking that most of the struggling artist can conceive of in order to penetrate the demanding art scene. The works he presents was mostly done in oil on canvas.” A son of a former PSG (Presidential Security Group) during the time of Presidents Macapagal and Marcos, Sausa noted that “the devise of grids he often used was also a conundrum of how the photo references can be interpret as the individual attachment of things being gone but to others are just a mere image.” The car shown here was a gift from President Macapagal and later recalled as their dreams were fulfilled with it, the De Guzman family tried to restore or even revived it to bring back what it was or what it meant to them.

Sausa, who himself is an artist of equal caliber, added, “Attachment is being viewed in relation to the existing object, portrait and places that the context of the metaphors is narrated in surreal or rather dreamlike representation. Loss is an extension of memoirs that set fixed in our subconscious and sense of individuality as long as we exist.

These two artists had grappled the physical and emotional upheavals for years of nurturing their expertise and with this exhibit they look forward to conquer both of their own personal apprehension and reassuring themselves to break new grounds.”

Not far from Angono, in the nearby town of Paete, Laguna, there is a dish they commonly called “sinarubot” where all the leftover food from the fiesta the day after (such as the menudos, adobos, and afritadas) are mixed and turned into a new concoction. Arturo and Michael’s memories elicit such kind of new found expression so as not to put their experiences to waste. A follow-up show could be in the offing, their next two-man show could even be the last perfect thing for them.

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